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Who We Are

Grace is a medium-sized congregation located in a village a few miles from Sandusky, Ohio, which just happens to be the home of Cedar Point, an amusement park known for its phenomenal roller coasters. The congregation sits within the village limits and serves the local community and the semi-rural areas surrounding it.


Established over 100 years ago, the congregation is deeply rooted in the community. It is not unusual to find three or four generations of a family in worship on any given Sunday and we love to make room for and delight in the new people that come to share a journey of faith with us. Whether we are talking about the congregation itself or the gift of God’s grace, there is always room at the table.


Those of us who gather at Grace are an eclectic and wonderful collection of people trying to follow Jesus, love our neighbors, and support one another in the journey of faith. We aren’t always as successful as we would like to be. As Lutherans, we call that the saint-sinner condition - completely justified by the grace of God in Jesus Christ and yet still prone to human sinfulness. That is why we find ourselves thankful each Sunday for the opportunity to ask for and receive forgiveness for the ways in which we fall short and receive sustenance to continue the journey in the Word and Sacrament. 



Worship is generally a lively experience at Grace in which we expect to encounter the Risen Lord in the words of scripture and sermon, and the gift of Jesus’ presence in the bread and wine of communion. We encourage all of those who gather for worship to participate in our communal worship and are deliberate in finding ways for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest among us to do so.

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Kathleen Suggitt

Pastor Suggitt came to Grace in 2006 straight out of seminary. The call to ministry came mid-life. Her previous vocations include corporate accounting and product development for a sealants and adhesives manufacturer, which meant she came with a wide variety of life experiences – some of which have come in handy in parish ministry.


She is passionate about the gospel of God’s love made known in Jesus and enjoys preaching and facilitating honest conversations about faith and what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century. Some of her joys in serving at Grace are watching as the children find their unique ways to participate in the life of the congregation whether it be in worship, faith formation, or areas of service, and seeing multiple generations exploring faith and worshipping together.

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